Vincenzo Santochirico

Born in a small village in southern Italy, after his studies he moved to Parma for work. Always attracted by manual work and above all by woodworking, one day trying to restore an old guitar, he was fascinated by the way it was built. Driven by curiosity, he decided to build a new one. It was the first of a long series that led him to set up a small workshop at home. Hence the creation of a blog, the first interactions with the public until, one day he was contacted by a professional guitarist who commissioned him the first guitar. Thus began an unstoppable ascent that led him to confront many artists of considerable caliber, even beyond the national border. The meeting and then the collaboration with vintage collectors, lead him to work on instruments that have made history, from fender to gibson both acoustic and electric. This experience enriches his preparation in the subject from which he began a research and an intense experimentation that led him to create his own models with completely original characteristics. His guitars do not follow the purist rules but they are the result of the comparison with various musicians known during their professional career and from an authentic aesthetic research. Among his models, in addition to flamenco guitars, to which he has devoted a lot of time, certainly stand out the crossover, very original instruments, made with enviable care and a refinement of the detail that make them unique pieces. Very comfortable to play and well balanced in weight and in the center of gravity. Then there are the acoustic models that were born after a careful study of some models of guitars that even today are unparalleled (Gibson J45, Martin D45) and the personal comparison with great luther makers including the unforgettable Bill Collings. Each instrument is built entirely by hand, after a careful discussion with the client in order to create a guitar that fully meets the needs of the musician without leaving out any detail. In 2017 he moved to his homeland, where lifestyle and climate are favorable for the construction of his creations